A learning journey that never ends…

18 Feb

Today was a different learning experience

where we went on a tour at Bollywood farm

(and had some very delicious snacks).

This was a nice wrap up before I embark on another phase of my life,

the very stressful (and dreadful) PRACTICUM.

For now,

 shall we just feast our eyes on some photos?

 It is friday afterall! 🙂


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A comparative study

13 Feb

So many things to do, so little time.

We have to do a comparative study on coffee,

specifically iced mocha,

from the various popular cafes in town.

The most challenging task is to put together a magazine of around 10 odd pages.

That’s right, a MAGAZINE.

It is indeed an uphill task when none of us knows how to use photoshop.

The past few days have been filled

with last-minute trial-and-error

fiddling with the different functions of photoshop

and it is really unnerving.  

A peek into our cover.

(pardon the mediocre work, this is the first time I am making one!)

Another hurdle.

11 Feb

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Love Rocks.

25 Jan

Was searching for online jewellery commercials and I came across this

UBER romantic one.

Too bad it is more than 2 years ago and

so it’s a bit dated to be used for my assignment.

Anyhow, just gotta share this with you!

Love how the commercial can bring out how simple a proposal can be

without the use of words

but merely relying on very good acting and music.



Saving for a Rainy Day!

18 Jan

Was searching the internet for money management issues for my lesson plan

when I chanced upon this website which teaches kids

to start saving at a young age.


Indeed, it is vital to teach our students the importance of saving so that they

 “will (1)gain better understanding of the value of money;

 (2)plan and save for their own toys, candy and the whole lot;

and (3)gain financial freedom as soon as they start earning their first pays.”

I’m glad my parents instilled the virtue of saving and

 that I am able to afford something which I never thought I would be doing at this age:

A flat of my own (to be ready in 2015)!!!

Picture credits to h88.com.sg

The thought of saving for a flat can be rather daunting at first

and so I strongly subscribe to the idea of having good money management skills from young!

A Food for Thought:

 Are you making plans on saving for your long-term goals yet?

Consumer Studies.

13 Jan

I’m back!!

S0 sorry for the long hiatus.

This second term in NIE is an extremely short and stressful one,

with assignment(s) due every week!!!

For these six weeks before I embark on the scary practicum,

we gotta do a few major projects such as an entrepreneurial project

 and a comparative study of 5 products.

My friends and I were brainstorming ideas on what to sell

and the pictures below are some of the crazy ideas we had.

Picture credits to absolut-lollipop.blogspot.com

Picture credits to rwapplewannabe.wordpress.com


Haha, it’s easy to guess we were thinking about setting up a stall like those we find in night markets! 🙂

We also thought of car-washing,

and Meizhu asked if we need to dress up like some car-wash girls you see in charity events!

Picture credits to washideas.com

Please throw us with ideas!

We are in desperate need of a plan!

Will be back with more! 🙂

Ministry of Food

30 Nov

I guess many of you would have heard about Ministry of Sound,

but Ministry of Food?

(Note: I’m not talking about the Japanese restaurant MOF!)

I am talking about Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food–

“I want to inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook meals

for yourself and your family from scratch,

whether you’re a complete beginner or a good cook who likes simplicity.”

I love Jamie Oliver’s cook shows because they are different from the ones we always see on TV;

he advocates healthy and responsible eating in this fast-food-consumption society.

He is especially concerned with the obesity epidemic in the UK and

has since tried to improve the food served in High Schools.

Visit his site for healthy and easy recipes!

jamie oliver’s ministry of food

Click and read on one of his food revolutions.

 One of which I thought was very interesting–

recipes for school canteen food.

School Food


Maybe you would be interested in one of his turkey recipes!

Timely for Christmas!

I’ll probably bake this!

Apple tart with lavender cream!

Such an interesting one!

Somebody buy me his books!!!